Ang and Sally's Wedding

This is an absolute backdated post!

Cousin Ang and Sally’s wedding was held in two parts. One in KL and the other in Sitiawan. We couldn’t attend both but we managed to make it in time for his KL ceremony which was held in January 2010. And as family, we helped out as both part of his entourage as well as his main photographers. I realize now how tough being a wedding photographer is and all the stress that comes with it. I’ve helped out as support photographers at friend’s weddings before but there isn’t so much pressure because you know they are not relying on you solely. It’s a different matter when you are the only photographer around and you want to capture all the right moments on their special day. It is really a very tiring job! For all those in the industry, you have my salute!

Here’s a little photo montage of the wedding 🙂

(viewable on

And here’s what I wore.


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