An interview with ShiNyGirls

The 2nd week of the N.E.mation production has come and gone so quickly.

I went down to the site to check on ShiNygirls and was delighted to find that they have settled down comfortably with the work schedule. This team is really hardworking and very sweet. I don’t remember being so “guai” at 13 years old or having the exposure to learn the technical know-how of animation. In this day an age where there are dozens of temptations that will seduce you to waste your holidays on, I gotta say these girls are super dedicated to animation.

As this was the 2nd week of production, some of their drawings which they have been working so hard on were printed out for them to film using retroscope. I was in for a visual treat!

Retroscopes are hand-cranked looped flip books. When you turn the crank, the pages are flipped rapidly and you see the series of still images spring to life.Unfortunately I can’t post this up so you would just have to wait till their final animation is completed before you can view it.

If you want to see what ShiNyGirls have been up to and more about their work, watch the video interview I did with them! They even have a special surprise for their instructors at the end of the video. 🙂

The video can be found at

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