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I don’t think I can be considered fat but that doesn’t mean I do not have stubborn fats in unwanted places. Anyone that knows me personally can attest that I EAT A LOT. In fact, this trait of mine actually surprises many because I’m quite petite in stature. I try to exercise (recently its through cycling) but I can’t really say that I’m doing a lot so I probably have to credit my good genes that I haven’t turned into a beach ball yet.

But there’s a down side to having natural high metabolism that people don’t realize – complacency.

I’ve had a relative high metabolism all my life and in my teens, I could easily consume a 3 person portion meal and still look exactly the same. But after I hit 28, my metabolism naturally declined and things started to go a little downhill for me. It’s even worse now as I’m in my early 30s. While I’m still not a beach ball (thank heavens!), I do put on weight much easier. It’s not the sudden type of weight gain (though its becoming more obvious) but the kind that stays stubbornly on my arms, belly, butts and thighs. The kind of weight gain close friends notice. The kind of weight gain my regular seamstress and clothing store notice. The kind that makes me feel a sort of conscienceless wearing skin tight clothing and cropped tops when I never used to give it a second thought.

The fact of the matter is, while my metabolism has declined in accordance to my age, my diet has remained more or less the same as it was for the last 20 years. Naturally the sums of intake and output just doesn’t add up, resulting in excess. In fact, in the last one year, I gained 6kg! Luckily, I was rather underweight previously so the weight gain was not entirely a bad thing. If I could redistribute out the fats throughout my body, it’ll probably be perfect. But then again, I know how reality works so I am probably asking for the moon.

When AFC offered to let me try some of their hot selling weight management products, I thought why not. Unfortunately, shortly after they sent it over, I went overseas and didn’t get to test the products till I got back recently. Otherwise, I might have already been able to document some of the effects.

AFC has 2 different products that you can take depending on what sort of lifestyles you are leading – The AFC LipoDOWN 2 and ActiveSLIM.

AFC LipoDOWN 2 is a clinically proven formula to fuel fat burning round-the-clock, even while you are at rest. Enhanced with APF Fat Reduction Factors, the new proprietary formula is 200% more powerful to support sustainable fat loss, for visible inch and weight loss. I totally like the idea of burning fats round the clock especially on the days where I’m seated in front of the computer for many many hours (which is most of my time) or when I’m being a total bookworm ( part of my day job includes reading through a lot of research reports and journals ).

Comprising a potent combination of Apple Polyphenols and Fucoxanthin, the APF Fat Reduction Factors are natural substances extracted at high purity from unripe apples and Japanese brown seaweed respectively. 100% manufactured in Japan, the natural active substances in AFC LipoDOWN 2 require advanced Japan’s patented extraction technology to ensure the strict potency and efficacy markers are met.

This means that when I’m going about doing my usual business, I’ll be losing or at least burning my fats at the same time. When people try to lose weight initially, they see a vast improvement because they usually tend to lose water first, followed by muscles then bone. It’s incredibly irritating but the body wants to keep the fats for emergency instead of burning it off first.  With AFC LipoDOWN2, you are targeting fat lost instead. Great of people like me that just want to tone up or lose that “extra layer of protection” (in other words, fat!) without getting dehydrated or losing whatever little muscle they have.

Now whats the difference between AFC LipoDOWN 2 and ActiveSLIM? 

ActiveSLIM is a clinically proven formula to fuel 3x more fat burning whenever you move. Its rapid fat burning ability makes every body movement work harder for you. Packed with 4 Active Thermo-Factors, it effectively transforms and shapes your body towards a slimmer silhouette. This means it’s more suited for those who are already actively trying to use up more calories!

When we exercise to support weight loss, our body starts burning off stored glucose and only minimal stored fat. Upon 20 minutes of exercising, our body starts to use stored fat as fuel and fat burning increases with longer exercise duration. Most of the time, because of our schedule we may not exercise long enough to burn off our stored fats.

If you take ActiveSLIM before you exercise, you’ll burn 3X more fat with every move thus maximizing the effect of your exercise activity. I was informed that you can see clinically proven weight loss in 4 weeks

ActiveSLIM contains 4 Active Thermo-Factors to help reduce body fat and weight:

  1. L-Carnitine: Natural fat burner, it ignites fat burning and improves energy level
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid: Burns sugar to reduce conversion to body fat
  3. BCAA: Prolongs fat burning, boosts exercise performance, promotes lean body
  4. L-Ornithine: Increases fat metabolism, promotes muscle mass, reduces fatigue

As part of my 2013 goals, I working towards a healthier lifestyle and I hope AFC weight management products will help kickstart my body into burning fats and building muscles!

You can get AFC LipoDOWN 2 and ActiveSLIM at your nearest Watsons store or if you prefer having them delivered to you, you can also shop online at







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