A typical Saturday for Renzze

I’m gonna share with you one of my Saturday which is usually a typical way I spend my Saturday assuming I don’t have an event to attend cause these days my Saturdays seems to be packed with launches, weddings, baby showers and what-nots.

I first start of with brunch with friends. This particular Saturday, I actually met up with Roseanne when she was back for her intern. It was a quick sandwich and catchup session at Cedele Millenia Walk as she had to do a review/advertorial nearby (which explains her really pro Nikon camera). We forgot take photos together, next time she’s back! I wanted to arrange another meetup before she left but I was sooooo busy, now we’ll have to wait till she’s back again or if I go Melbourne for a visit.

After brunch I headed to Orchard to meet JW and Regina for a movie followed by shopping. We checked out Scotts Square where I let my temptation win over at Hermes. I almost couldn’t resist buying a new Proenza Schouler ipad case at on pedder but thankfully they didn’t have the color that I wanted!

We decided to explore Scotts Square for dinner and saw Delicious Cafe. The decor was cute and it had a short waiting line so we figured it might be worth a try. The waiting took awhile which explains why I had all the free time on my hands to take random photos of the cafe and figure out the various settings on my camera.

We ordered whatever was recommended by the waiter and both his recommendation of the popular dishes came out below average. I cannot imagine how the non-recommended dishes would taste like! Suffice to say that while the decor is cute and the location is pretty accessible, this would not be a place I’ll venture back again. It’s really disappointing and I much rather have my Ayam Pengat at Lucky Plaza.

There you go. My typical Saturday. A time to spend time with different friends, shop and try out new places. Sundays are a little more outdoorsy and maybe some time in the future I’ll do a post on my typical Sunday. 🙂



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