With a pinch of salt

Finally had time to reply a whole bunch of comments and emails to my dearest readers! Sorry if I took really long to get back to you but I promise I would and I did! Thank you for your patience.

These pictures were taken on one of my errand days! Had to collect stuff from the post office, pop by the vet as well as do a little instrument scouting so we drop by for a little tea time to re-energies ourselves.

It was an overcast day with slight drizzle and we ended up spending more time at the cafe then expected. Which explains the multitude of photos!

I’ve always liked the whimsical vibe of this cafe and my sister who was there for the first time really loved it! My usual order is the potato jackets. I’m huge fan of potato! I love them mashed, grilled, fried, baked and even boiled. In general, I’ve a big weakness for carbs so I tend to load up on rice, noodles, potato and pasta.

I’ll end this post with a parting shot from a very shaggy Louis. He’s was overdue for  a haircut!


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