Waking up to an English Breakfast at Cameron Highlands

Waking up at The Lakehouse with the cool crispe air was so refreshing. I almost forgot I was in Malaysia and I could absolutely imagine being stuck on some little house in the old English countryside.

A great English buffet breakfast selection was waiting for us. You could have your eggs done anyway you requested with toast, sausages, bacons, potatoes with a side of cake or fruits to finish off the hearty meal.

My mum really enjoyed the breakfast and had several helpings! We took our sweet little time since there wasn’t any other guest having breakfast other than us and by the time we were done, I was stuffed!

Time seems to have stopped whenever we are in the hotel. No stress, no rush and no constant urgency that propels our usual life in Singapore. Everyone of us just took it easy and lounged around the hotel, chatting, laughing, taking photos and exploring the various little trinkets found everywhere!

I love the outdoor sitting area overlooking the hills and the quaint little hotel bar with all the Scottish embellishments.

It’s a really nice place to stay at Cameron but the next time I go back I’ll probably try out another hotel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because the hotel let me down but there are so many little quint resorts all over Cameron Highland, each with their own vibe and style so I really just want to explore what else is out there!



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