Uluwatu Temple in Bali

It’s such a wonderful thing to have internet connection… It doesn’t matter where you are in the world… you can still be connected to everyone in real time =) I’m in KL right now and missing my little buggers. I need to spend more time with them when I get back to Singapore. Meanwhile… here’s my continuation post on my Bali trip.

Among all the different temples in Bali my personal favorite has got to be Uluwatu. It’s one of Bali’s 6 directional temple and it’s perched on top of a cliff 70m above seawater. Waves can be seen crashing just below and the sight is one to behold.

You need to be properly dressed to enter the temple. I wore a maxi dress and only needed to tie a orange sash… if you are in shorts then you are required to wear a sarong. Both the sash and the sarongs are rented to you for free as it’s included in the entrance fee of 3000 rupiah.

My hair was still really wet from swimming earlier on and I had a clip to pin up the messy hair. Unfortunately… my shiny gemstone clip attracted one of the many monkeys that live up here. And in an instance it was gone. The monkeys here are very fast and it’s extremely common for tourists to lose their sunglasses… bags… cameras and anything that is loose. Some Japanese guy had his eyeglass stolen just before I lost my hair clip. I guess you could always use some food to try and exchange it with the monkey… but as YR said… you can’t possibly try to talk sense to an animal. And thus my lost taught me a valuable lesson!

If you are visiting Uluwatu Temple in the evenings… you can stay for the Kecak Dance which starts around 6 plus. Also known as the monkey dance or the fire dance… it’s usually an hour long and cost about 50,000 Rupiah. I’ve seen the Kecak Dance before and decided to give it a miss this time which was a good call… especially since it started to rain just after I finish snapping my pictures. Those poor tourists that went for the dance not only wasted their money but got soaking wet!

Do visit Dreamland beach in the same area for surfing… the beach is 2 thumbs up from me!


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