{Throwback Thursdays} Hermes Gift of Time with my Grandparents

There’s so much to see, do and try these days and I feel really blessed to have such opportunities. Howeverm there is also a lot of my personal life that I would still like to journal into my blog because renzze.com is a place for me to collect all my memories and experiences . Thus, I’ll be doing Throwback Thursdays every now and then to share photos of events I’ll still like to share and keep it archived on my blog even though it’s long past what can be considered current in the blogging world. Time passes just too quickly for me and I’m almost in disbelief that it’s already August. 

About a year ago, Hermes had a “Gift of Time” exhibit at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and I brought my grandparents to view the art installations with me. It’s just good for them to get out of the house and move around so other than my weekly visits, I’ll try to plan day trips at least once a month with them.


I’m a big Hermes fan while my grandmother loves watches and horses.

I really enjoyed myself and was impressed with how the various artists interpreted the passing of time. I felt like I had gone through a little wormhole into a world of “Alice In Wonderland”.

The large mosaic cat doors made with various pieces of Hermes leather was probably my favorite.  I completely agree with the philosophy that if things are well made and of good quality, it will stand the test of time.

After viewing the art installations, we proceed to enjoy being trapped in time at the old and rustic Tanjong Pagar train station.

We had drinks and bought a whole bunch of old school sweet and snacks to share.

I was hoping this place would jolt back memories for my grandfather in particular.

The train station is truly a place where time has stood still and there were photographers everywhere as everyone scramble to capture the last memories of this nostalgic venue before access to the station is barred forever.

The day was still young so I brought my grandparents over to Sentosa to catch some sea breeze and watch the setting sun.

As life catches up with me and my days are packed with to-do lists, I need posts like this one to remind me to always make time for family and friends. They are the pillars of my existence and these are the memories I’ll treasure most.






Outfit of the day

Earrings: YSL

Dress: Liz Lisa

Ring: Bvlgari

Watch and Bag: Hermes

Shoes: Louis Vuitton


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