{Throwback Thursday} Picnic with my god children

{Throwback Thursday} Picnic with my god children

These photos were taken maybe about half a year ago (time really flies!). I usually try to bring my dogs out for swims whenever the weather is good and this time my dear friends, Sushi and Daryl, as well as my god children, Leonidas and Lysander, joined in for an impromptu picnic.


I really love simple easy outings like these. All my friends are always so busy and a meet up always requires some schedule blocking to have lunch or dinner so we can catch-up. I can’t point fingers because I’m essentially like that as well. In those rare pockets of time where I can have impromptu non-scheduled meet ups with friends who will make an effort to stay constantly relevant in my life, I count it as a blessing to be treasured. These are the friends who are no longer just friends but have became a part of my family.

My crazily adorable godson Leo loves playing at the beach even though he’s afraid of the waves. He’s always asking if he can go to the beach to play even though he stays far away from the water. He only swims in swimming pools because there isn’t any scary waves. Leo’s afraid of loud noises like the drums during a lion dance performance, big waterfalls (like the one in the cloud forest) and not to forget “Jiu Jiu” which is his uncle (Sushi’s younger brother). I’m writing all these down so he can read it when he’s older and realises how silly and adorable he was (that’s the beauty of writing a personal blog).

Louis and Emmie (the dogs, in case you don’t already know) love being outdoors. The beach is one of their favourite spots because it means that they can do some swimming as well. They are happiest when they get home made treats or when they are downright wet and dirty.

As a cocker spaniel, Louis needs a whole lot of exercise and we try to give him walks and sunshine as much as possible. It is good for his health and great for our souls. Emmie on the other hand started really dainty when she was a puppy. She was the most gentle, ladylike (don’t know if you can actually use that word to describe a dog) pooch which would always want to be cuddled and carried. However, following by example, she is now a complete tomboy. She still loves her cuddles but won’t think twice about getting down and dirty, jumping into the ocean to retrieve sticks or playing snatch with Louis when I get them to retrieve the same toy. They have both grown up so well together and it’s really sweet to see that brotherly-sisterly bond they have going on.

Sushi sat on the mat to take care of Lysander (she’s an awesome mama) while Daryl entertained Leo.

MM swam and played with my dogs; making Louis do tricks to earn his treats.

As for me, well, I had a yummy McDonald meal (I did say this was an impromptu picnic), took a leisurely swim and then came back to catch and snack with Sushi.

Oh yes, if you follow me on my Instagram (@renzze) you’ll know that I also recently took up Stand Up Paddling and it’s so fun but also extremely tiring.

I hope this week’s {Throwback Thursday} post will inspire you to do something nice with your friends and family this coming weekend. I’ll be flying off tomorrow to KL to spend the weekend with family and friends.

Thanks for reading!

Outfit – swimwear (Aimer), chiffon coverup (Rosebullet), Ring (YSL)


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