The zen of doing nothing

Well, doing nothing except for eating and lounging around and getting a tan.

All meals were catered for because we are on an island paradise! But the buffet spread was lovely and I really liked the sambal nasi lemak! A mix of local and western food choices were available but I ended up trying more of the asian dishes.

Most of our days were spent by the pool or beach and in the waters. Dressed in bikinis and no make up. We were there to have a little escape and as impromptu the trip was, it definitely gave me the time to rest and relax.

Our nights were spent outdoors as well. Who cares about how big and comfy (which it was!) the rooms were when you could be on deck chairs ordering drinks, feeling the breeze, sand on your feet and chatting with your girlfriends and some newly met friends 🙂

And when the night gets late, there is live music for the cool souls and lots of beach parties and clubbing for those seeking a little more thrill in the paradise retreat.


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