Splashes of red

Gingham dress with red bag
Gingham dress with red
girl portrait Gingham dress with red lips
Gingham dress with red bag
Gingham dress with red bag
Gingham dress with red bag

February is probably the shortest but most festive packed month of 2018. Running my F & B businesses means that I am even more hands-on during this period.  With an incredibly tight schedule, I'm usually rushing to get my ass out of the door every morning. Sometimes I don't even have time to comb my hair or match my outfits. A neat trick I learnt these days to look a little more festive in two seconds is to have on splashes of red in the outfit and a little colour on the lips. The lipstick I have on is Chanel Rouge Allure in 99 Pirate, and it's pretty flattering on my skin tone.

Red lips are iconic, sexy and seductive, associated with intelligent powerful women with sophisticated wardrobes. Personally, I've always limited the scarlet shade as the colour for glamorous evening cocktails and ball gowns.

With comfort as my main priority on work days, I tend to go for a more subdued neutral beauty look. I've always shied away from red lipsticks because unlike many other cosmetics that help camouflage your flaws, this bold colour shouts for attention. It is only in recent times that I'm started to experiment with red lips for daytime looks. Surprisingly, it works well with bland or monochrome ensembles for that instant perk up even in the day. Dare I say it even gives a little confidence boost that overrides my messy unkept wakeup hair. I'm taking a break from my muted nudes and pretty pinks to dazzle in my red lips this festive season.

Do you love red lips or do you shy away from bold colours? Share your secrets with me.

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