Shopping and Eating in Ho Chi Mhin


I spent most of my days basically shopping and lounging around in Ho Chi Mhin City. The goods and services are inexpensive and abundant!

In fact I spent a whole morning at the Ben Thanh Market which is one of the spots that impossible to miss as it’s smacked in the heart of the city. Filled with tourists from everywhere buying all sorts of handicrafts, bags, clothes and even local cuisine!

The market has been established there since the early 17th century and by the looks of it, I think it’s going to be around for a long time.

Afternoons are spent people watching usually from a nearby Highlands Coffee Joint. It’s a very popular Vietnamese Coffee Chain similar the Starbucks and it’s somehow always around the corner! They are found all over Vietnam but their first branch was founded in Ho Chi Mhin.

I’m not a big fan of coffee so I ended up usually ordering a smooth or milkshake with fries or dessert. The main draw for me here is the wifi and the huge glass windows that over look the streets allowing me to people watch and relax.

Walking in the land of scooters was rather intimidating but I found the place rich in culture and street side foods! The hair salons all over the place also had hordes of girls in skin tight dresses waiting outside for customers. It seem a little strange and I do wonder if there is anything risqué going on but when I peep inside the salons, I do see the men getting a rather decent hair cut!


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