Shooting Star

I was walking Louis around Pasir Ris… getting to know the place a little better. Then suddenly I saw a red light in the sky. I thought it was a jet at first…. but no sound. Then as it approached I saw a huge rock-like thing with green lights and a long trail of smoke…. eerily beautiful…

I made a wish.

It was a meteor I’m sure. I’ve seen shooting stars and meteor showers before. But this was different. It’s speed though fast was much slower then the usual fleeting glance. It was so much bigger and it’s path was real clear. The meteor must have been very close to earth’s atmosphere to have slowed down like that. All in the backdrop of the evening sun.

The Singapore Meteorological station said the phenomenon was too small to be spotted on their satellite. What I saw didn’t look small to me at all. A cover up? Or a masked UFO? Either way… I just wanna get my wish…


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