Reviewing HK Food

A simple top and bottom with a silver jacket. I love skinnys! To think that I used to wear bell cut jeans in the 80’s and early 90s.

I’ve reviewed several yummy HK food in my previous trips to HK and have posted them on the blog so you can do a search if you are interested. I shan’t repost the same food items here so here are some new stuff I tried this trip. One of my lunch was spent having the Famous Boneless Hainan Chicken Rice in HK and to be honest… while it tastes alright my taste-buds have been totally spoiled by Singapore Boneless Hainan Chicken Rice… especially the one at Beach Road Hawker Center. Even Mr Chicken Rice at Downtown East beats the HK version hands down.

The other thing I tried was the instant noodles with luncheon meat. I know it sounds crazy to walk into a dinner to order instant noodles when you can just cook them yourselves at home. But it was in every menu in any typical HK diner so I figure I had to try to see if there was anything special about it. The verdict is that is is a very well cooked instant noodle with yummy egg and luncheon meat. While yummy… it really is no different from the ones you make at home as a late night snack… lol…


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