Quick Stop in KL

I drove down to KL with my mum  for a quick one day stop to meet up with others, and recharge before heading further up North. The afternoon was spent chatting and relaxing with friends and family.

The boys went out the catch spiders and I guess I have to say that catching spiders or spiders fighting was not part of my childhood. Singapore is a little too much city and not enough kampong by the time I was old enough.

Dinner was at a nearby Zi Char store. I loved the cod fish herbal chicken and fried toufu! Somehow I feel that Malaysia has nicer and more value more money  zi char then those in Singapore.

I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this car at the car park. I mean it’s a sight we’ll never see in Singapore. An abandon car that is simply left to fall apart and no one does anything about it. I guess it’s cheaper for the owner to leave his crap car to rot in the middle of a random car park than to tow it away to scrap it. And unlike Singapore where every piece of land is so precious, they have plenty of space over in Malaysia so no one even bothers to track down the owner or get it off the property.

We went for late night movie (where my mum practically slept though the entire thing!) and for supper, AC brought us to try this awesome Ramly burger at Uptown. The guy that cooks it does it with such precision and finess it was just mesmerizing to watch! he scoops the egg with the egg ring, cracks it and spreads it around and throw the shells in the bin in one swift and continuous motion. It goes to show that there is a master for everything, even in making awesome Ramly burgers.


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