Qi Xing Tan

Still in Hualien although we are no longer in the gorge. We managed to catch a spectacular sunset at Qi Xing Tan or 7 stars beach.   This is a shingle and stone beach with huge crashing waves.

The beach is crescent shaped and rather pretty as the backdrop shows the mountainous regions of the gorge. I love being by the beach especially one that has a more local feel to it. I think we were the only tourists there that evening. As the waters are pretty deep here, many of the local fishing boats start and end their journey in this area.

There are some local food carts here selling corn, smelly toufu and other little snacks as well as a number of friendly stray dogs here that’ll come begging for some food.

As you can probably tell from the photos, we had really strong winds here! I could almost be carried off if I don’t stand my ground!


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