Phuket Roadside stalls

For most parts of this trip, we didn’t eat the fancy restaurants. Instead we checked out the local roadside store and their dishes. I’m not too sure about the level of hygiene but we all had strong enough stomachs to not get any bugs. However, I do feel that the roadside food stalls in Bangkok are a lot nicer then the ones in Phuket.

The milk tea was fantastic and we had so much fun making smiley faces on our rice using the dishes we ordered! Here are the 2 winning entries!

After dinner we went to a nearby night market to get desserts. The Nutella banana pancakes were really good! Looking at the pictures makes my mouth water! I’m a huge fan of Nutella, bananas and pancakes so the combination of all three made a winning combo for me. I could easily wipe clean a plate or two on my own!

Last picture to share with you guys for this post is the creativeness of the Thai people when it comes to personalizing their own helmet! Check out this pink one decked out with flowers and bunny ears!


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