Phuket Night Market

The Phuket Night Market was surprisingly quite fun! The food there was delicious and you could get famous Thai food such as fried oyster omelet ,  BBQ meats, pad thai noodles at pretty cheap rates. If you really want a food adventure, you could take your pick on the many fried insects available! Among the more common ones are bamboo worms, crickets and grasshoppers but if these aren’t exciting enough for you, you could always try nibbling a scorpion.

Other than food, there were quite a number of game stores. While little Xavier had fun in his bouncy castle, the rest of us tried our hand on bingo and the different variety of gun games. There was even this section with rather scantily clad glum looking Thai girls/ladyboys waiting to be dumped into water should you hit the right mark. I wasn’t too keen on the human sacrifices so I stuck to games that had stuff toys or candy as prizes. The big winner of the night was definitely little Xavier since all of us donated our winnings to him.


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