Octa Hotel Again

Clara saw my post on when I went for tea with Regina at Octa Hotel and said she wanted to go visit the cafe before she left! So I met her and Bernice there for dinner.

Bernice did some major shopping spree that day before dinner and even bought stuff from the Octa Hotel mini store located in the cafe. I really love the mushroom soup here though I must say that this place is only good for lunch or tea as their dinner selection is somewhat lack-luster.

I was really tempted to buy some of their dish wares  but held back because I recently spent quite a bit on bake wares already. After dinner, we shopped a little before Clara and I headed to watch an impromptu late night movie together.

I also finally remembered to pass Bernice her belated birthday present! I love this mini Kate Spade velvet rosalie that I ordered 2 from LovesCoach! One for Bernice and another one for myself. Perfect for keys, cards and some cash when I go for wedding dinner or just want to locate these important object in my big bags.

The dress I wore is from Le’ Jetamie.


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