My first time to a Thai disco

After a day of shopping, Regina, Jun, JW, Kay kay, Eric and I had dinner at Nandos and we were supposed to have gone to CHIMES to chill and have some after-dinner drinks. Somehow, plans changed so Kay Kay who had an open bottle at Neverland and suggested we go there instead. I’ve never been to a Thai disco so I decided it might be interesting to see whats all the hype these days with Thai discos.

Fabian, Yutaki and Eric’s cousin joined the rest of us there as well. We had a front table in front of the stage and were entertained the whole night by sexy Thai singers, Taiwanese dancers and even a breakdancing segment by 3 Thai boys. Customers would show their support for these entertainers by buying flower garlands which can cost anything between S$10 to S$1000 which would be then presented to the entertainer and hung around their body.

The highlight performance of the night was a pole dancing routine by one of Thailand’s finalist in a pole dancing competition. She gripped the attention of the entire club with her performance which she pole dance almost from the celling of the club to the bar counter top. It’s hard not to be awed by her tremendous strength, agility and skill. Our group’s personal favorite dancers were, Eric and Yutaki cause those boys can really dance and entertain much better then the entertainers on stage!

After leaving the club we all headed for supper at Newton Circus which made me really excited cause I was starving! Thai disco was an eye-opener but I don’t think it’s my kinda scene. I really much rather do mambo night if I have to club or chill away my night at a quirky cafe/pub with friends. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting old.



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