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I had a couple more request to blog more about the food I had in Taiwan and what was nice to recommend. I’m honestly no expert in Taiwan but I did try quite a no. of food stuffs at the Ximending area since my hotel was nearby.

As mentioned before, my family love the donuts especially the simple sugar ones. I, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of the bubble teas in Taiwan!

I highly recommend the 50 Lan bubble tea. They allow you to customize the amount of sugar level, type of ice, amount of ice and type of pearls or jelly. My personal pick is milk tea with 25% less sugar, 50% less crush ice and mini pearls. The texture of the pearls are perfect and extremely yummy! I had 50 Lan bubble tea almost every day while I was there!

My mother’s favorite food in Taiwan was teppanyaki. While it was not authentically Taiwan in origin, it can be found in most places and if you do try it, you have to order their Gindara! It’s really tasty and fresh!

Other then the recommended Gindara fish, they also have a wide selection of vegetables, seafood and meats served with Japanese rice and a bowl of miso soup.

Lastly, if you are around the Ximending area, any local or guide book would tell you to try out the famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian.  Be prepared for a long queue and lots of people standing around with a bowl in their hands because there is no seating.

I know of many die hard fans both Singaporeans and Taiwanese that will swear by Ah Zong Mien Xian. But if you want to know my personal experience, I have to admit that I wasn’t WOW-ed by it. But a good friend that loves it to the core told me that it was probably because I didn’t eat the pig intestines and didn’t add enough chilli oil and garlic to the noodles so I couldn’t feel the full blast of flavor. It’s pretty cheap so if you happened to be around the area you could give it a go.

Taiwan has way more street food to offer but I’ll end my post here for now cause I’ve got a movie to catch. I will be posting more places and food I’ve encountered in Taiwan in the next couple of days.


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