May 2014 (InstaFlashback}

May 2014 (InstaFlashback}

Hi Everyone! I’ve been away from home for so long and it feels great to be back. I’m still trying to adjust back to the humid weather and to manage the million and one tasks that have been awaiting for my attention in Singapore. My blog has been not as updated recently and I think that’s a shame because I do have so much to share with all of you. While I’ll sort out my photos, here’s a recap of what I did in the month of May.

I tried to cook whenever I am home. Here’s my little Insta video tutorial of how to cook “Three Eggs with Bittergourd”.

Met up with Sebby and Xing to have dinner and drinks and I fell in love with the Truffle Capellini de Fungi at Table Manners.

Had a lovely time at W Singapore sipping two beautiful Dilmah seasonal flush teas and tasting Chef Matthew Woolford’s delicious sweet and savory creations at WOOBAR!

Had an impromptu 2am supper at 126 Dim Sum with my girlfriend, Sushi, after midnight shopping at Mustafa. I used to do things like these a lot about three to five years ago but these days it’s a rarity. Another indication of how fast everyone has grown up and moved along.

Did hot yoga at Updog with Regina and JW on the weekend. Yes, I’m still with Updog Studios and I really miss doing yoga regularly.

After yoga, I had caramel crepes, mini sugar powered pancakes and coffee with Regina, JW and Raphael at Pasarbella. Can you tell my weakness for sweets?

One of my go-to restaurants with MM is Putian.

Flew off bright and early in the morning to Maldives again. Seems like I just can’t get enough of that paradise.

Went on a 95% digital detox when I was in Maldives and it was really energising. Morning yoga was also great at keeping me focused on the here and now.

Snorkelled all day and had a mini panic attack when I swam within arms length of a 1.5m shark that seemed bigger than me. Obviously I wasn’t tasty enough and it happily swam lazily by me.

Had Korean Bimbimbap dinner with Regina at Vivo City before heading over to pay my Godsons a visit.

Had a healthy breakfast every morning with Nestle Fitnesse in May with soy milk, fruits and nuts.

This was my last hot yoga session close to a month ago! I need to get back to class to work off all my holiday excess.

I shared about my idea of Korean fashion and my outfit with U channel at ?-in launch party. It was screened on TV last week but I was in Japan and didn’t catch it.

The gorgeous girls at the ?-in launch party reminds me of Girls Generation.

Managed to catch up with the glowy and preggy Clara Song.

May was such a busy month for me as I was away more than I was around. Still, I just had to squeeze time before my flight to visit Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the Science Art Museum. Her works are so inspiring.

Departed Singapore for Maldives again. Yes, I know it sounds a little excessive to have two trips to the same place in one month.

It was fabulous waking up to gorgeous turquoise waters and lovely breakfast.

Captured the sunset in Maldives after taking a dip in the waters.

I’m in the waters or next to it all the time when I’m in Maldives. Super relaxing. I which I could set up my office permanently on the waters in a water bungalow.

Flew back in time for Siew Kam and Gavin’s wedding. Managed to catch up with friends and in the pic above you’ll see Jessie and I with Lee Ping and her baby bump!

My little Godson Lysander got a gold medal for his very first marathon. I think he was just sleeping in the pram all the way.

Attended the Singapore Airlines Cup at the Singapore Turf Club and it was a grand and glam affair as usual.

Started my day as usual with Nestle Fitnesse cereal and this time little Louis joins me for breakfast.


Took a little trip to Phuket with Regina and Raphael and stayed at a wonderful villa. We had intended to go Bangkok initially but due to the political instability, this trip was planned within 24 hours of our original flight. Super relaxing trip.

Found a lovely chill spot with great pancakes in Phuket called Pancake Corner.

Super chill out holiday. Morning swims in the villa before lounging the afternoon away with good food.

Thanks to Raphael for making breakfast for Regina and I every morning and driving us around Phuket to explore the sights.

From bed to pool. Missing the villa, the butler services and the in- villa massages already.

Enjoyed a gorgeous blazing sunset with Regina and Raphael in Phuket. So pretty that we couldn’t take our eyes off it.

Raphael and I, by the beachside.

Regina and I, on our last evening in Phuket.

Attended the Rocco X Ziggy party at Zouk!

Missed Singapore hawker food so I went in search for my Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles. Turns out that it was the stall’s rest day so I had Bittergourd Pork Rib noodles for lunch instead.

Had a great time play chefs with Rachie at the Somersby event. Had to stop myself from drinking too much cause it was so delicious!

That’s a quick recap of my May 2014. Hope you have a great week ahead.