Lay it out in Lavender

I never really had a favorite color. I love all colors of the rainbow so it all boils down to my mood of the day. Like the title indicates, this purple Willamson Flounce Dunner Dress from Faire Belle brought out a cool, calm and in control vibe. The first thing that caught my attention with this dress is the absolute softness of the fabric. Quality chiffon that’s so smooth to the touch in this Matthew Willamson inspired dress.

This is one of those dresses where photos does not do it enough justice. It’s so very dreamy in real life and perfect for a day out in the parks or a casual first date. There’s just something intangibly romantic when I come across outfits in pastel hues.

This weekend like most weekends in the month of December are filled with all sorts of celebrations. Weddings, baby showers, birthdays and more! I’m finding it a little tough even finding time to do Christmas shopping especially with the scary crowds in Orchard Road. I want each gift to my friends to be special and well picked out for them but having the luxury of time to do just that has been a wee bit challenging. I’ve got less then a week to do my shopping, wrapping, tidying up for my christmas party and working on my christmas dinner menu. But as always, I will try to dedicate time to blogging as well.

I hope my readers are doing a much better job than me managing the festive season. And if you are still hunting for gifts or the perfect dress to wear, give this one a go. It’s such a steal for the quality and the cut. While I love this dress in the pastal purple, if subtle colors are not your cup of tea, check out the teal version.

All the colors are available on so check them out. I believe it’ll be launched tonight on their site!


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