Laneige Travels with me to the Maldives

Laneige Travels with me to the Maldives

Hello everyone! Due to a super last minute decision, I’m back in the Maldives again. However, this time is a super short trip and I’m considering it more as a work-cation rather than a vacation cause I actually brought with me tons of work and work related reading materials that needs to be sorted out by the end of this week. Even though I have a lot to accomplish while I’m on this trip,  I much rather be working in front of turquoise waters and have my feet in the sand then to be stuck in a building. If only I could have a beach front office all the time *dreaming*. Anyways, that’s why it’s a work-cation and I recommend anyone who has mobility in their jobs to consider taking one as well. I’ve allotted six hours of productive work  each day with swimming, fishing, SUP and relaxing to take up the rest of my time. I’m one who believes that when time is managed well, you can still continue to be economically constructive while you travel.

In case you were wondering, these photos were taken in a previous Maldives trip where I still had my blazing red hair. My camera is usually left in the villa when I’m in Maldives and once I decide to whip it out to take some photos, you’ll have like 20 shots of me in the same swimwear before it goes back to the villa and I continue my day in the waters.

Sitting by a beautiful white sandy beach and having the sea breeze wash over me is one of my favourite things. It refreshes my soul and drives me to steady my mind to better pursue beneficial changes to my life. To be honest, sometimes when I’m stuck in a crowded city for too long, I feel a little stifled and I feel as if I’m walking on eggshells all the time. In my day to day, I’m too busy battling with endless schedules and tight spaces to be able to breathe properly and to give time for quiet introspection.

Whenever I go Maldives, I see the beauty of God’s creation put together in a perfect painting and I somehow feel closer to him. I may not be the most pious or religious person around but I’m a believer of the Almighty. Being surrounded by nature always induces me to have a simple thankful conversation with God.

I’m digressing so much due to my love for Maldives that this post is almost sounding like a {Travelling Tuesdays} post. However, like the title suggests, I wanted to share with you the Laneige products I took to me to Maldives to keep my skin hydrated and protected when exposed to the harsh natural elements of sun, sand and sea.

Sunscreen is a must almost anytime and any day and it’s extremely important on a beach vacation.

Usually I don’t put on any makeup while I’m on the beach but when I do head out for a lovely lunch at the resort restaurant or have people invite me out for social sessions, I use Laneige BB cushion to give my skin a brighter and more radiant appearance.

Achieving global one million pieces sales, Laneige 6-IN-1 BB Cushion incorporates Melacrusher Technology to target melanin formation as well as uses bead tree extract and natural mineral water for added skincare and hydration benefits.

This new and improve formula uses a “Cell-trap Sponge Multi Cushion Form” to put fine liquid contents in an optimal 800,000 cell sponge so it is much easier to apply and carry around.

Multi-tasking skincare perfect for travellers and this one has six benefits including – brightening, UV Protection (SPF 50+, PA+++), moisturising effect, water-resistant, make-up tint and soothing effect. In fact, clinical data has shown that skin temperature drops by 4C immediately after using Laneige BB cushion!

 Priced at S$59, you can find it at all Laneige boutiques and counters.

The next Laneige item I brought with me is their best selling White Plus Renew Original Essence (S$78).

This innovative whitening product has won 10 Global Beauty Awards in Asia within the first year of its launch. It has been found to make the skin 2 tones brighter than the natural skin tone after only 2 weeks of use. Since it’s only 40ml you can take this along your trips even if you don’t have check-in baggage.

The last item I want to share with you is also my personal travel favourite. See how wonderful and travel friendly the White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack is! You get 16 X 3ml for S$42 and it’s an wonderful combination of a whitening capsule and hydro gel cream. This new improved formula provides a optimal 3:1 ratio between hydration and brightening effects.

Just bring the number of capsules you need for your trip. I normally use it once every 3-4 days as an overnight mask. Mix the two textures well in your hands before layering the entire contents of one pack on your face.  If you can store it in the fridge before use it will be an even more refreshing experience.

Bought this monokini several years ago from Japan when I went on a shopping trip with Sushi. I’ve worn it many times though this is the first time I’m sharing photos of me in it on my blog. I’ve always like wearing bikinis for simple swimming or lazing/ tanning on the beach but whenever I go snorkelling or intend to do any other type of water activities, I still prefer one-piece swimwear or more practical dive suits/rash guard type of combos.

Monokini : L*Space by Monica Wise

Shades: Ray Ban

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