Just another work outfit

I’ve been over my head settling work and helping good pals. So I’m sorry to have sidelined my blog quite a bit these days. Bear with my simple outfits posts for awhile till I have time to work on more pics =)

Here’s another work outfit.

I also wore this outfit when I met Wendy and the other jie mei’s and xiong di’s for the first time after work to discuss some preparations before her big day.

Speaking of which, I still haven’t had time to collect the soft copies of her big day from her but when I do I’ll be sure to post some up here!

The rest of the evening was spent at Timbre with Gio, Clara, Jester, Koji, Faye, Rudy and Raj. Sushi joined us much later for supper.

Late nights are taking a toll on my skin. So excuse my tired face.


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