Joo Chiat for Chicken Rice

It’s 2011! Happy New Year everyone!

And unfortunately, I’m still stuck with photos and events of 2010 I’ve yet to post! LOL!

Went to Joo Chiat to have yummy chicken rice with Audrey. I can vouch that Singapore has the best Hainanese Chicken rice in the world! I’ve tried it in Malaysia, Hong Kong, UK and Australia and I still haven’t found one that can beat both the price and the taste of the ones you can find easily in Singapore.

Joo Chiat and it’s surround areas are one of my favorite places to hunt for cheap and good food. I always tease that I’m such a cheap date. I generally like cheap hawker or local food and I rarely drink because I’m driving. I also enjoy nature and spending time just catching up which is free!

The happy bird that found a whole bunch of twigs to built its nest.


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