Getting Ready

One of the funs with traveling with a bunch of close gal pals vs traveling with family or work or mix gender groups is that you can get prepped up and ready all together in the morning. Sharing beauty secrets and beauty tools and lending accessories and clothes. It may sound extremely bimbotic but it is fun and great bonding session for 4 girls on a “hen’s night” holiday. Let all the girlie instincts out!

Clara was head beauty guru and help did all our hair styles for our 3rd day! I brought along a packet of bows and the girls were amazed at how many bow clips I had. I have a soft spot for pretty bows and collect them.

Koji was styled after Eeyore… right down to the color combination and that pink bow! Hehe!

Sushi had on a glamourous hair-do with one of my favorite structured bow and Clara had a sweet take with a crystal lined gold heart as her hair accessory.

These pictures  of Koji and I were taken when Clara was still busy with Sushi’s hair so I didn’t have photos of the both of them… you’ll get to see the photos when we hit the streets of Harajuku which I will post when I get home tonight or tomorrow.


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