Gathering at Meisan's place

When Gen and Brian were back in Singapore we did a mini meetup with old schoolmates. Meisan and Jeffery generously hosted us in the their new place.

Everyone got a little something to munch. And it wasn’t the healthy stuff! KFC, pizzas, durain puffs  and ice-cream! Yummy! I think the healthiest one is probably the sushi I brought.

I got there pretty late as I was held up by work but still in time to do some catch up over our potluck. We really should find the time to do another one soon! This group is always so busy or not in town that a meet up takes considerable planning! But nevertheless, it’s always warm and comforting to be around company that you’ve know for 10 years or more!

Here’s a pic of us before I had to leave in a hurry. I hate being the first to leave but it was in a really busy period for me. Hopefully the next time we meet I’ll have more time to relax and catch up!

Here’s my outfit shots. I bought this dress 5 years back but never wore it out! I think I’ve got quite a number of outfits in my wardrobe with the same fate… I really should start digging them out to wear!


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