Games Day

We had so much fun playing board games the day before that we decided to stay in and invite friends over to play more games instead of heading out!

My personal favorite game is called Gift Trap!!!

GiftTRAP was voted “Best Party Game of the year 2008” by GAMES magazine and I totally agree. It’s such a simple idea but loads of fun with lots of re-playability value because the game relies on your personal knowledge of your opponents.

You always think you know a lot about your family, friends or love ones but this game exposes their innermost thoughts and allows you to know them better.

My set of tokens were the pretty pink ones!

Later that day we also played ” You Must Be An Idiot” which is pretty much a trivia quiz game with a twist. I like trivia from time to time (nerd alert!) but some of these US made games have way too much US specific trivia which makes me look ultra dumb!

We headed out for dinner and both Andrew and I brought our Canon DSLRs along to play… there were lots of silly shots that I won’t post up here.

This was the time way before Aikee was a budding photographer… playing with our cameras must have ignited the flame in him because he’s a pretty good photographer now!!!

I forgot the name of the restaurant we went to but they were supposed to be good for their claypot bee ta mak or rats tail noodles.

It was delicious!!! And I really liked the fried rice and the fried toufu! (I hate blogging about food when I’m hungry!)

Aikee, if you read this post and remember the place we went to, drop me a note in the comments yah? 🙂



  1. June 18, 2010 / 8:02 am

    Mama’s Kitchen @ Taman Tun

  2. June 18, 2010 / 8:02 am

    Mama’s Kitchen @ Taman Tun

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