Free and Easy Day Taiwan

On the last day of our trip we decided to take it easy and just shop around or go to the places in the vicinity that we’ve been meaning to take a look but never had the time.

I went down to the nearby departmental stores and drug stores to scout out their beauty care products and also dropped by the supermarket to grab some local Taiwan specialty products to bring back to Singapore. One of the interesting items I saw at the supermarket was this Sentosa brand milk powder!

I headed back to shop a little more in the Ximending area before meeting my family for a late lunch.

We decided to try the Japanese Teppanyaki- Steamboat buffet at the 2nd level next to rainbow hotel. We’ve passed by countless and it was a good time to give it a go.

I can’t remember what the restaurant was called but here’s their Japanese name in the photo below. You’ll have to take the stairs on the left side of rainbow hotel ( if you are facing the hotel) to the 2nd level to get to the restaurant.

After we settled in cozily in a booth where we could look out to the streets, we were asked what sort of soup base we would like and we chose the spicy kimchi. They then handed us a list and asked us to tick what sort of meats, seafood or vegetables we would like for them to serve to us. Since it was a buffet it is entirely up to you what or how much you would like to order.

Let the feasting begin!!! I have to say the food selection here is huge!

I love the fact that once our grill got too charred by all the BBQ we were doing, they came over to replace our grill with a brand new clean one and brought all our food over. It’s such a nice touch.

There was also a huge selection of sauces and a self-service salad bar. Free flow of soft drinks, coffee and tea too!

Desserts includes a chocolate fountain, selection of fresh fruits, mango pudding, aloe vera jelly, tarts and ice-cream. They had about 12 flavors of Meji ice-cream on one side and about 6 flavors of Hagan Daz ice-cream on the other.

For those who want more, there is rice and braised meats available as well. All in all, I’d have to say that this was a rather satisfying buffet.

All the mascots were out that day to draw the crowds and we had a little more time after lunch to do more shopping before we had to pack our luggages.

Some of you emailed me regarding the bag I was carrying in Taiwan. It’s a Hermes Garden tote with a twilly. It’s not new and if you look back in my older posts you would have seen me carrying it before. You probably didn’t notice it cause I don’t always post up or remember to take photos of my bags, accessories and shoes when I post my outfit of the day pictures. But as it so happens I did take a close up picture of this bag that day so here you go.

As for my pretty pink coach wristlet, it was a gift from my dearest friend, Sushi so I’m not too sure how much it is. You can see the close up picture in My Little Sister’s Makeover In Taiwan post.


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