First Post of 2008

As we age time seems to speed by faster!

Took me 2 weeks into the new year to post my first 2008 post! Judging from the way things have been moving it’s definately gonna be a even more hectic year for me. But one filled with loads of good surprises I hope! Since I did win 2nd prize in 4D in Dec… and I’m not even the sort that buys 4D!

I’ve an average of 2 weddings a month to attend this year and I’ve already block dates up to October! It’s madness! I should also be traveling a lot this year with my KL trip starting end of the month and US trip next month.

Thanks to Mr Vroom-Vroom* for being so sweet and understanding to my schedule and for taking Emmie and Louis in your wings of love… your family has been very warm to me when I was sick too! Good luck and wishes go to you for your exam end of this mth.

Thanks to Miss SK* for the wonderful New Year’s Eve Party and I will definately take you up on the Penang Buffet offer soon.

Vernice and Mendy and Celeste and Sushi… I really hope to meet up with you guys for Vday before I leave for the states.

Lali… there’s a high chance I’ll miss your wedding in Feb but my thoughts will be with you. Hopefully we can meet up in March!


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