Family out for a musical

Took my parents out to watch a musical over one of the weekends.  We were there about an hour or so before show time so we decided to have dinner at the peranakan restaurant in esplanade.

Not sure if I mentioned this before but mum’s a big fan of nyonya cuisine since her mother was of straits Chinese descent.

Deco, food and serving sizes were not bad and their staff were really attentive. However, I still prefer IVINS food.

Crackers and ah-char to build up our appetite before the main dishes arrive.

Portions were all very generous especially the curry fish head so we were all stuffed beyond words by the time dinner was over. How terrible and indulgent of us to have such sinfully full meals!

A snap or two of my parents before heading into the concert hall.

And of course I’ll remember to include my outfit of the day shots. One photo with and and another without my trusty cardigan to keep me warm in the cold hall.


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