Dragon Boat Festival 2011

This year, Dragon Boat Festival or Duan Wu Jie fell on 6th June 2011. My family is too busy to wrap our own dumplings this year so I headed to my favorite “zong zi” store at Joo Chiat to buy some! There was such a long queue and most of the dumplings were already sold out by mid-day. I’m not sure if prices were hiked up due to the festival but I feel that zong zi prices are getting steep. A meat dumpling with salted egg was SGD4.50 and it was already sold out. I ended up buying a a dozen of mini meat dumplings at SGD1.50 each to give away to family and friends and also bought an additional XO dumpling at SGD8.00 a piece! Although the zong zi were not cheap, I have such a weakness for them. Maybe next year I should learn to wrap my own!

I wore a lovely dusty green front tired dress by Amelie-Ann. It is inspired by Phillip Lim and one of their self-manufactured pieces.  I love simple feminine dresses and this absolutely fits the bill. The material is soft and non-sheer making it a comfy casual dress for all occasions. It comes in some other colors as well and I really liked it in yellow but that color was all sold out. You should go take a look at Amelie-Annhttp://amelie-anne.livejournal.com ) if you want to see all the available colors or at their other designs.


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