Down Under

On New Year’s Eve, I made a split second decision and bought the next available flight out of Singapore to Sydney. Within an hour of buying the ticket online, I packed my tiny Cath Kidson luggage and was at Changi Airport terminal 3, while calling the necessary people to inform them of my ‘act of disappearance’.  Spending my first moments of 2011 on a plane, I could see tiny flecks of fireworks as my plane soared across Indonesia.

Right now, it’s my 3rd day in Sydney spending time with one of my oldest girlfriend, Eleanor. She was shocked to see me but also really delighted and it’s always a pleasure to be engulfed in the warmth of such an old and easy friendship.

My sudden decision has costed me the meetup with another of my girlfriend, Gen, who flew into Singapore for the festive period and for that I’m truely sorry. But I do hope that I would make it back in time for a catch up session before she leaves again for the states.

I hope 2011 has been a good start for everyone. I have full intention to spend my time here down under, not sightseeing but doing the most common and mudane things such as baking, chatting and watching DVDs with my friend of more than 20 years. It’s the company that counts the most and having the luxury of time to focus on just spending time with an old friend is more than I can ask for to begin my 2011. Of course I do realise that when I get back to Singapore, I will be completely buried in work and in commitments. But for now, just let me stop and smell the roses.

I will be leaving Sydney for another Australian state pretty soon so my online communications might be a little sluggish. But I’ll definately check the telco for a mobile and data plan soon so I can be back in the grid. So don’t be surprised if there isn’t any new posts in awhile. I will promise to post when I can!


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