DHC Pore Essence

I got the DHC Pore Essence in my Watsons Ambassador kit previously but had way too many beauty products at that time to try so I’m only trying it now. I’ve never really used any sort of pore essence before so I really don’t know what to expect. There were quite a few raves in a couple of beauty forums about this product and its supposed to ‘close’ your pores, retain moisture and improve clarity of your skin. Sounds awesome!

I’m definitely one with large open pores, especially on my nose area. I attribute it to starting a good skin care regime too late in life. I only actively washed my face everyday with a cleanser after I turned 20! I never really had bad skin so I took skincare for granted but while I never had major breakout issues, my huge open pores are a constant reminder of how not taking care of my skin has its consequences. I don’t really expect a miracle cure to minimize my pore with this essence but it’ll be great if this product can help to make sure my large pores don’t get clogged with impurities.

After application of the product, my skin does feel tighter and I think it’ll be a great product to use for the days when my skin tend to be a little overactive and oily. It’s easily absorbed into the skin and has a pleasant scent. I’ll be starting to add this to my skin care routine so if my skin suddenly seems smoother and pores tighter, you’ll know why!


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