December 2014 {InstaFlashback}

December 2014 {InstaFlashback}

It’s been hard trying to blog while I’m traveling as I don’t get stable enough wifi connection all the time which makes it hard for me to upload images. Instagram is still my go-to platform for most up-to-date happenings and it makes it easy for me to look back on the events and occurances when I do {InstaFlashbacks}.

In Decemeber, I was in Tokyo and Hokkaido. I know a lot of my friends are worried about the radiation levels and advised me not to travel to Japan so often but personally I’m still willing to take the risk. I love the culture, food and fashion in Japan too much to give it all up.

This is the amount of sushi I can finish in one sitting when I’m to Hokkaido. To make things worse, this is my “after dinner snack” ! #fatdieme

But with such fresh ingredients and low prices, it’s just impossible to resist. What can I say. When a fresh tuna belly calls to me, I answer.

No trip to Hokkaido is complete without some of their yummy softserve ice-cream. My all time favorite flavours are melon and chocolate mint !

Another habit I have when I travel to Japan is that I’ll buy ViVi Magazine at the airport as reading material for my flight back to Singapore instead of watching the many movies that SIA flights provides.

Only in Japan is everything so cute! They even have Hello Kitty versions.

Love is when after a long day and a long flight the previous night, my sister gives me my much needed space and makes me a cup of cute tea.

Was told by friends when I was abroad that I was nominated as Top 10 Best Dressed at the Longines Gold Cup event held at the Singapore Turf Club. You can read all about it on my Longines Gold Cup 2014 post.

The behind the scenes video of my N.E.mation! 9 teams.

Celebrated my Godson Leo’s birthday at Universal Studios Singapore. This is is first roller coaster ride!

“Godma! Can I please tear open my birthday present?”

And after peering into the half ripped present he looks at me and says

“Godma, I like this present!”

LOL. I’m glad my Godson Leo is one happy kid almost everyday! The innocence and simplicity of the young needs to be cherished.

Had a small fainting spell recently and my sweetest bff Sushi made me doubleboiled chinese soup to help me to 补身 and build up my immunity. Totally grateful that I have close friends surrounding me.

Attended Xinyi and Jon’s wedding. Gorgeous Xinyi is my JC classmate and I’m really so happy for her. Weddings is a great time to catch up with my other old schoolmates too.

Totally tickled by the Dim Sum Dollies and their antics. They really know how to add a spin to local history.

My 4 year old Godson Leo baked me blueberry muffins. I’m blessed.

Checked on Okada Coffee for some sweets with Raphael and Regina on a rainy evening.

Sunday afternoon spent as P.S Petite enjoying truffle fries, sticky date pudding and a quiet respite from the warm weather.

My dear bff Melva sprung a lovely surprise for me!

Thankful for the love and Aalst chocolates that Creme Simon sent my way.

This is just round 1 of Sushi’s christmas eve dinner! The main dishes of Turkey, ham and pasta are not even pictured. Was totally stuffed silly with good food by one of my most amazing girlfriends.

Koji babe sent presents my way and treated me to Hai Di Lao!

Woke up on a Sunday craving for banana pancakes so I decided to cook!

Celebrating the last hours of 2014 with a home order of Melben crabs and rose moscato with Raphael, Regina and Yitian.

Thanks for reading!


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