Blue is Me

I’m so tired I can barely open my eyes for these photos yet taking my daily outfit has been a hobby turned habit which I’ve practiced for several years already. So do excuse my sleepy face.

Don’t put me near anything soft and comfy for I’m sure to fall asleep. I’ve yet to pack for my long trip even though I’m leaving in a day.

I’ll be scheduling posts for my blog from Thursday onwards. Which means you’ll still see updates on even when I’m away and too busy to blog. I’ve got tons of photos that I’ve yet to put up. Yes I know I’m slow and should be more current with my blog posts… but till I have time to sit around and waste the day away, it really can’t be helped that I can’t catch up with blogging about my affairs.

Emails and comments will be much replied much slower than usual but I’ll be able to view it off my blackberry so keep them coming!


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