Bedugul Market

While since I was in the area, I decided to check out the Bedugul market for some local foodstuff.

Bedugul is the highland garden of Bali, producing lots of cool climate fruits and vegetables. In the market here you can find strawberries plus a myriad of tropical fruits, vegetables, corn and orchids. This is a great place to buy exotic spices with mixed gift packs being especially popular.

If you come in the right harvesting season, you could even arrange to go pick strawberries from the farms around these areas.

I bought a whole lot of local snacks and produce! Cheap and yummy… I love the corn chips with caramel sauce.

If you have time, you should check out Jatiluwih which is near Bedugul. It’s a place of beautiful terrace rice padi fields and the rice grown here are the traditional Bali rice… not the hybrid rice we see everywhere else. n 2007 this was nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site. And if i remember correctly, there’s a small entrance fee for vehicles to enter this area.

One of the food I liked at the market was Roti Bakar, grilled bread. There were many flavors but the chocolate and peanut were really good. Highly unhealthy cause there is much butter involved but the taste was good!

I was hesitant about trying road side stalls as I’ve heard many horror stories about the “Bali Bug”, where foreigners cannot tolerate the food. But I’ve had no issues so far.

Here’s the video of my temple trip and to Bedugul Market.


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