Be unstoppable

Be unstoppable

In case you haven’t realised by now, life is unpredictable. It is full of ironies and full of obstacles waiting for you to overcome every single day. It’s not easy to live a fulfilling life or to rise up to your calling in the short time that you are on earth.

We spend the first two decades of our lives in school and we are left with barely 60 or 70 years left to figure our lives out and to accomplish all the many dreams we have. I have a bucket full of dreams and I’m working every day to make them a living reality. While still working as a consultant for research projects, I am also managing my newly opened cafe, testing out new products, blogging, investing in my passion for photography and making time to travel on a monthly basis. It sounds impossible to many but it really isn’t unachievable as long as you know what matters to you most.

Naturally, there are sacrifices but there are immense gains to following your heart and living your life to the fullest. Currently, my focus is on my cafe. Making sure that it runs well without too many hitches so I can still travel. My trips can’t be too long compared to how it was before I committed to running a coffee business but, as I always say, baby steps.

Everyday, I break my own limits to push myself a little further. To do a little more in the direction I want to end up in. That is not to say I don’t have constraints on the financial, emotional and physical fronts but it does mean that I always try to live in the present. To be aware that big transformations happen in small ways through small wins.

To be unstoppable, I have a strong belief system and here’s a sneak peak to a few of my core values.

1. It’s not enough to dream and hope. One must take actions even if it’s in minute ways.

2. Have confidence. You need to believe in yourself, in your plan and in your capabilities.

3. Don’t coast through life. Be present and conscious of your choices so you are always prepared for the unexpected. It will help you to see more possibilities and react faster than others.

4. While I don’t see money as evil, I do believe that money or prestige should not be your core motivator. You should be the same person inside and outside even if all was taken away from you. You will still have your smarts, your passion and doing your best everyday. Then if you have money and prestige, you’ll be able to do more without letting external pressures change you.

5. Have courage. Continue to do what you believe and play by your own rules. Everyone has their own opinion and you can never win everyone over. Some people just like to hate. If you are hardworking, you’ll be labelled as a workaholic or someone with no life. If you want to focus on a better work life balance and take it easy, you’ll be labelled as a lazy good-for-nothing. Whether you choose to have kids or not, everyone feels that they are entitled to have a say. Some even feel that they have a right to question your choice of life partner or job. Well, the reality is that you are really going to be the only person living your life so it’s your choices. Don’t be bullied into living someone else’s life.

6. Don’t be afraid of failure. You win some you lose some but you will get better with each lesson. Some people are happy to be in a safe zone on the ground. Others question why I want to fly high or why I want to do so many things with my life but I tell them failure is all in the head and if I do fall, I can live with that. I’ll make adjustments till I finally succeed which is still better than not trying at all.

7. Keep learning. Every single time I travel or when I meet someone new at my cafe, I learn so much. I’m open to learning a new skill or honing my current skills even if it means I might have to start from the bottom.

8. Don’t get too pressured by successes either. Success can make you lazy or afraid to try new things because you are afraid others will ‘talk’ when you lose your crown. But true success is an ongoing relentless pursuit of bettering yourself and your own goals.

9. Have a purpose and a meaning to your choices of pursuit. Let your passions guide you.

10. Don’t get jealous of someone else’s accomplishment. Jealousy and ego are a manifestation of fear and pulling them down will not make you better. Be genuinely happy for their successes for they worked hard especially if they are friends.

11. Make time to relax and rejuvenate your body and soul. It’s just like doing physical exercise. In order to see sustainable results you need to rest between sets so you don’t get injuries and can continue to increase your strength, stamina and endurance.

Women today want to accomplish everything and we won’t be stopped because there is a world of infinite knowledge and experiences now easily available at our fingertips. However, we need a good healthy lifestyle and products to keep the balance in check. When you get overwhelmed after being subjected to stress, fatigue and the other negative effects of urbanization, take a deep breath, recharge and then continue.

I hope that all the tips will help you be an unstoppable force in your life too!


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