Baby Dylan 1st Month!

Congrats to David and Doreen on their 2nd child, Baby Dylan! I’m so happy for them that their family has grown so strong and so beautifully. A week or 2 after her delivery, Doreen and I were discussing all the different possibilites her son could be named and I really liked the name Dylan. She was considering some other names then and I was pleasantly surprise when I was later told they decided to go with Dylan 🙂

Doreen is one of the nicest girl with the strongest heart I’ve known and I think her family is lucky to have her as much as she is blessed to have them. I had a good time chatting to some old school mates as well, it’s really scary how time passes so quickly. One moment we were working on projects and the next we’re all grown up, married and moving through life faster than a speeding bullet.


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