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Passage New York

Passage New York

I can’t wait to share with you my gorgeous experience at Passage New York about 2 weeks ago. Passage New York is a huge luxury spa (8,000 square feet) located in downtown CBD at Cecil St. Their location is excellent for the busy and stressed individuals stuck in the hectic dog-eat-dog economical center of Singapore. I’m surprised that I didn’t get to know of them earlier because they gave me a pretty unforgettable facial experience. I had been booked for...

Panasonic Beauty Empowerment

Panasonic Beauty of Empowerment Workshop

I’m no stranger to Panasonic Beauty products and have been an ardent fan for a really long time. I’m sure from my previous post on my blog, you’ve already heard that I’m a finalist for the Panasonic Best Beauty Blog in this years’ Singapore Blog Award. As a part of this, I was kindly invited to attend a Panasonic Beauty workshop to learn more about their beauty line. In this exclusive workshop, we not only had a demonstration coupled with tips on...