Ask Renzze: What hair conditioner do you recommend?

Another common question that readers ask me is what conditioner I’m using and what I recommend.

I have rather dry hair due to coloring and perming my hair. Previously, I use to interchange between several brands of salon hair care brands but recently I’ve found that for daily use, drug store brands are just as good and much easier on the pocket too!

My current obsession is with Camellia oil for the hair. It’s not a new idea in fact, its been around since my grandmother’s era! The camellia oil has been traditionally used to soften hair and keep the hair color from fading as it has UV shielding properties. In my grandmother’s generation, they didn’t dye their hair or have so many salon treatments. Instead, they relied on natural beauty remedies to keep their hair shiny and conditioned and I’ve tried it so I know that it works! The best part is that it’s totally organic and just like pure cold pressed olive oil, camellia oil can also be consumed.

For those who haven’t had a chance to see a real camellia, here’s how they look like. The white camellia is also the iconic flower that represents the luxury brand Chanel.

Recently I’ve tried 2 hair brands with camellia oil included in their ingredient lists and I’m happy to report that I’m really happy with them both!

The first is Shiseido line of hair care, Tsubaki. Although the photo shows shampoo, I didn’t try their shampoo range. I went straight for the Tsubaki damage care conditioner which is the white range. Using it only on my hair ends, I find that it makes my hair softer and I love the smell!

The second item I’m currently using is Pure Beauty’s Treatment hair mask. I use this hair mask in place of my conditioner twice a week and I’m loving the results of this range! And it also has camellia oil! In fact, I’m going to be trying out their other products in this range soon.

For those who are interested, both Tsubaki and Pure Beauty is available at any Watsons Personal Care store!


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