A short interval

Well, I still have tons about my Tokyo trip to blog about so it’s not over yet. But the multitude of photos taken by 4 girls are a little intensive to sort out so today’s post is a break from blogging about the Japan trip to give an update of what’s been happening to me.

1. The weather these days are killing me. I wish I could just wear swimsuit and shorts to work everyday to beat the heat.

2. I got a lot of backdated photos to post up… like what I did with friends and family –  celebrated rice dumpling festival, gone on a short getaway, was jie mei at a wedding and most recently celebrated father’s day.

3.  I’m watching the preview movie of Transformers 2 tomorrow night. Thanks to Gio who scored us the tickets! I absolutely can’t wait! (I’m obviously an 80s child)

4. Emmie’s been cleared of her stones. Hurray!! Her system’s clean and I’m currently giving her a trial run on regular food to see how it goes. If she’s clear in the October test, she doesn’t have to go back on the prescription diet.

5. I cleared out 16 bags of clothes, bags and accessories. Most went to my sister, some went to friends and some went to charity. I did however keep one tiny bag for my readers cause I know you girls love the thrill of a good buy. But I won’t have time to post up the sale so soon okay?

6. I’m also more active on twitter these days… I guess cause I found more friends that are joining the fold.

7. I was crazily playing Sims 3 for a week or so but I kinda moved on. Maybe gonna play Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires once I get my hands on it.

8. In my busy May and June months I’ve neglected a few close and important people. I’m sorry and I promise to make myself more available once my work stabilizes in July.

9. One of my close girlies is gonna embark on a whole new business venture and I wish her all the success! Will let you guys know once it’s open for business months down the road. You’ll probably catch me helping out there as well.

10. I’ve been lazy to dress up on account of the weather but I’ll leave you with a casual outfit I’ve worn before but am re-wearing it to take my dogs for a dinner nearby and after dinner walk.


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