A Fashion Nugget

A frequent comment I get from friends and strangers is that they feel I look good in anything! That, (though I wish it was true…) unfortunately is a lie. I absolutely cannot imagine myself in certain vintage secretary outfits or those rugged hip hop rapper wears or victorian princess lace dresses. I definitely cannot carry off those looks.

The key is to know what to buy. I know my personality and what I want to portray so I only buy outfits that fit my body type and am confident with my choices. While I do get tempted by fads and the current trends I still edit out the things that doesn’t suit me and maintain my own personal style. Thus, some of my close friends would go shopping and say… “I saw an outfit and thought of you immediately! It was just so you!” Even so… I have had my far share of fashion disasters which I believe is a unavoidable side effect while paving my road to defining what’s me.

Anyways… I would leave you guys with another look at a recent outfit with the same Longchamp bag. This dress is from VS.


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